Senior Manager from lead San Francisco-based Company is among FYLPRO 2018 Delegates

SAN FRANCISCO – Mr. Brian Tajo, a Filipino-American Senior Product Manager at Salesforce company, was chosen as one of the 2018 The Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO) delegates.

“When I discovered FYLPRO, I was ecstatic because I believe it is the ideal program for me to carry out my life ambitions and portray who I truly am as the program values align with my life mantra. Among them is compassion: I emphatize with my fellow Filipinos back in the Philippines who may face additional hardships in life,” Tajo said.

He emphasizes that he is proud to be a Filipino. “[Filipinos] are my source of motivation for my work ethic,” he added.

Tajo has a Masters of Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley. He earned his Bachelor of Science Business Information Technology-Decision Support Systems from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia.

FYLPRO, a joint initiative of the Philippine Embassy under the leadership of Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Manuel Romualdez, Consulates General in the United States, and the Ayala Foundation, Inc. (AFI), is pleased to announce the 2018 FYLPRO Delegates:

  1. Amanda Bantug (Washington, DC)
  2. Baron Cabalona (Chicago)
  3. Anthony Dela Rosa (Miami)
  4. Lauren Lalicon (New Jersey)
  5. Catherine Luib (San Diego)
  6. Charlynne Mae McGinnis (Honolulu)
  7. Melissa Palma (Chicago)
  8. Joshua Price (Maumalle)
  9. Brian Tajo (San Francisco)
  10. Meriden Villanueva (Los Angeles)

The 10 leaders have carried out inspiring work in their communities driven by their passions for the Filipino culture and the advancement of Philippine interests and advocacies in the United States. They now join a prestigious network of 70 young, Filipino-American leaders across the nation to collaborate, exchange ideas, and continue to inspire a wave of diplomatic innovation.

The 2018 FYLPRO delegates will be traveling in a week-long Immersion trip to Manila, Philippines this November and be provided with the opportunity to interact with Philippine Government officials and leaders in the fields of business, arts and culture, and civil society.

“Our family has grown and I am beyond honored to lead amongst exceptional peers,” said Dondi Leonidas Quintans, FYLPRO president. “We are thrilled to welcome the 2018 Delegates into our program and to show them a side of the Philippines only a select few are privileged to experience. We hope our future partnerships will lead to collaborative, imaginative, community-driven, and long-lasting advocacies between the Philippines and the United States.”

“It was not without difficulty that we selected the 2018 delegates among many outstanding applications. But it gives me great pride to know through the FYLPRO selection process just how talented, driven and inspiring the young leaders of the Filipino diaspora community are,” said Ambassador Romualdez.  “I am confident that this year’s cohort will substantially contribute to the strength of the program and reaffirm the enduring bonds between the Philippines and the United States,” he added.