Passport Extension

The Consulate wishes to inform the public that Philippine passport holders who have an emergency travel or who have urgent cases requiring them to possess a valid passport, but their passports are expiring between 01 June and 31 December 2020, may apply for extension of validity of passport for up to one (1) year only.

Those who opt to apply for passport extension may send their application to:

Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco
Attention: Passport Section
447 Sutter Street, 6th Floor
San Francisco, California 94108

Please ensure that you include the following in your mail:

  • Letter signifying your request to apply for extension of passport validity, with your full name and complete contact information (mailing address, telephone/mobile number, and email address);
  • Original valid passport;
  • Completed Application Form (click here);
  • Signed Waiver Form for Extension of Validity of Passport (click here);
  • One (1) passport size photograph (1.77” x 1.37”) with white background;
  • Proof of Philippine Citizenship (e.g. Resident Alien Card/Permanent Resident Card);
  • Processing fee of $20.00 in money order, bank draft, certified check or cashier’s check, payable to “Philippine Consulate General.” Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted;
  • Self-addressed US Postal Service (USPS) Regular Flat Rate Envelope (Priority Mail) with a tracking number. The Consulate will not mail back your passport if the self-addressed envelope you provide does not have a tracking number, for security purposes.

You may be required to present additional documentary requirements depending on the nature of your request (e.g. emergency travel or necessity to possess a valid passport). For more details, please go to this link: (click here).

All applications for extension of validity of passport shall undergo evaluation and does not guarantee immediate approval.

Applicants are also advised that using passports with extended validity in traveling to countries other than the Philippines pose possible risks when passing border control, which may include refusal of entry in a foreign country.

For inquiries, you may email the Consulate at [email protected].