Pacific World exhibition at Museum of Sonoma County

WHAT:           Opening Reception of the Exhibition entitled Pacific World: The History That Binds Us to the Sea

The exhibition will feature:

  • A 23-foot long Bangkabuilt by Bangka Journey over the past several years. The Bangka is a traditional canoe of the Philippines that represents re-vitalization of indigenous traditions.
  • Images and stories of the Ti-aat, the sister canoe to the Bangka. The Ti’aat is a sewn plank canoe constructed by boat builders led by L Frank Manriquez.
  • Cargo of the Manila Galleons, a collection of 16thcentury Ming porcelain traded across the Pacific.
  • The Chewang chi Biyeg(River of Life in Kalinga language) tapestry. The tapestry, created by traditional backstrap weavers led by Jenny Bower Young illustrates the indigenous Kalinga people’s victorious struggle against planned dam projects on the Chico River in the Cordillera Region of the Philippines.
  • A collection of antique maps of Asia and the Pacific, objects from nineteenth century shipwrecks including the Frolicand the Lammermoor.
  • The legacy of Filipinos, Native Californians, Pacific Islanders and others whose deep and many-layered histories represent vibrant relationships with the Pacific World – past and present.

The exhibition runs through June 2nd.


WHEN:           March 1, 2019, 5-7pm


WHERE:        Museum of Sonoma County, 425 7th Street, Santa Rosa, Ca

WHO:             Karen Mejia Pennrich, President, FANHS Sonoma

Brenda Bautista, Board Member, FANHS Sonoma