Kariktan Dance Company holds “Anihan”

Kariktan Dance Company and the American Center of Philippine Arts held “Anihan The Harvest” at Dublin High School Center of Performing Arts and Education on February 7, 2018.

Kariktan is a non-profit based in Concord, California.  The organization’s goal is to promote Philippine Culture through dance and music by means of its members, consisting at the present time of 20 young adults ranging from age 16 to 32, and their families. It helps young Filipino-Americans learn about the cultural traditions of their homeland and helps to provide them with the opportunity to experience the richness and diversity of their native culture and instill pride in their heritage. In many ways, the participation in the folk dancing, the use of native costumes, playing instruments, and singing Filipino songs, teaches them not only about tradition but also occupies their time in meaningful activities, develop confidence, social skills and respect for their elders, their peers and ethnicity.

Head over to http://www.kariktan.org/Kariktan_Dance_Company/Welcome.html to find out more about Kariktan.