Honolulu Philippine Consulate General



Endowment Fund Campaign


Campaign for the establishments of endowments to fund scholarship programs, trainings, after-school enrichment activities, immersion programs, and other activities. Activities include the following:

  • Creation of a donation web portal for potential donors and scholarship/grant applicants
  • Marketing promotion to companies, high net worth individuals and community organizations
  • Fund raising dinner and activities


Filipino Young Professionals Network – Hawaii


Building of the Filipino Young Professionals Network of Hawaii to groom the next leaders of the Filipino Community. Activities include the following:

  • Professional networking events
  • Social media campaigns to build the network (Facebook, Instagram, Meetup Group)
  • Cultural promotion events
  • Professional development trainings, brownbag sessions and coffee corner talks
  • Mentorship and internship programs
  • Fund raising activities


Overseas Filipino Investor Campaign


Cultivate the culture of entrepreneurial and investor mindset of the Filipino youth

  • Entrepreneurship and investment trainings and seminars
  • Business incubation and mentorship


Introduction to the Philippines Meetup Group


Promote appreciation of Philippine history, culture, arts, cuisine among Filipinos and non-Filipinos in Hawaii through the organization of events and activities

  • Food tasting trips
  • Museum and other cultural immersion activities
  • Language training and exchange


Youth Mentorship Program


Develop mentorship program for high school students to improve their academic performance and career prospects

  • Big Brother/ Big Sister Program for high school students
  • Career day presentation and motivation talks
  • Trainings and seminars to improve SAT scores and increase prospects of getting into college
  • After-school tutorial