Innovations and Programs to the Consulate

The Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco is pleased to inform the public on the following innovations and programs to ensure that the visit to the Consulate is pleasant, comfortable and efficient:

  1. Courtesy Lane and Lounge

Senior citizens (60 years old and above), persons with disabilities, pregnant women and parents with infants now have a dedicated special courtesy lane (Counter 1) to process their consular requirements. Individuals who are mentioned above may claim a blue ticket number stub at the second floor of the Consulate General.

The Consulate General invites its guests who are eligible to avail of the Courtesy Lane to stay at the Courtesy Lounge also located in the same level of the building. In the lounge, a designated counter machine for blue ticket holders is set up as well as a monitor that connects the courtesy lounge to the general documents pre-processing area.

2 .Information Kiosk

An information kiosk with a computer and interactive program has been set up in the lobby of the Philippine Center building which the public may use. The computer kiosk contains useful information about procedures, documents, requirements and services that the Consulate provides.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].