DOLE-AKAP (Abot Kamay Ang Pagtulong for OFWs)

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE OF USD200 FOR OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKERS (OFWs) DISPLACED DUE TO COVID-19 (pursuant to D.O. 212, series of 2020 of Department of Labor and Employment)


The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) are here:


1. Coverage and Eligibility
The following landbased and seabsed OFWs onsite are qualified to avail the DOLE-AKAP:

a. Regular/ documented OFW; or
b. Qualified undocumented OFW

(The abovementioned OFWs should have experienced job displacement due to COVID-19 starting 01 March 2020)

2. Documentary Requirements
The following documents shall be uploaded to the online form at

a. Application form, to be downloaded at
b. Copy of Valid Passport
c. Permit to Stay
d. Proof of documented status (OEC, verified contract, etc.)
e. Proof of loss of employment on account of COVID-19 (e.g. notice of termination, certification from employer, etc.)

*Other inquiries or additional documents as may be required by POLO-Los Angeles shall be sent to [email protected]

3. Application Procedure

A. Fill up the online form at

B. Gather all the above documents in section 2 (Documentary Requirements) above.

C. Upload all the above documents to the online Google form at

D. Upon receipt of complete documents, the application shall be evaluated within five (5) working days.

E. OFW-applicant shall be notified within five (5) working days following the evaluation.

F. Ineligibility of the applicant, misrepresentation of facts in the application, and submission of falsified documents are grounds for denial/ disapproval of the application.

4. Disbursement of Funds
– If the application is approved, release of financial assistance shall primarily be through bank transfer or money remittance available at Post (Los Angeles.)

– The following are among the methods available:
Bank of America
Wells Fargo
Chase (or any US bank with Zelle Transfer)
Western Union

For further clarification, guidance and other inquiries, you may contact us at [email protected]

or thru our Facebook Messenger: