16/04/2019: Reminders on Postal Voting for 2019 Philippine National Elections

In connection with the 2019 Philippine National Elections, all registered voters are advised of the following:

  • If your address has changed since the time you registered for overseas voting (December 2016 to September 2018), kindly inform the Consulate through our contact forms on https://sparkconnectempower.com, www.philippinessanfrancisco.org, or Facebook of your new address;


  • When shading the ballot, choose/shade at most twelve (12) candidates for Senators, and one (1) for Party-list only. If you shade more than 12 candidates for Senator or more than 1 candidate for Party-list, the system will consider it as OVERVOTE and your votes for that particular category will not be counted;
  • Do not forget to legibly write your full name, and sign, on the return envelope. Unsigned envelopes will be considered INVALID, pursuant to COMELEC Rules and Regulations; and


  • When mailing the return envelope, please place on the envelope, as advised by the USPS, stamps worth at least USD 1.15.